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Curriculum Vitae

C.V. of Alla

     C.V. of Zakhar

      C.V. of Michael

  C.V. of Anna

My name is Alla. I was born in Aldan to a typical family of Moscow Jewish intellectuals. I started working at the age of 17 at Moscow Medical Research Institute. Next year I entered the Mechanical Institute of Chemical Industry. I got involved in scientific research work in microbiology laboratory being a third-year student.After graduating from the Institute, I started working at Moscow Pharmaceutical Research Institute and Design Institute for Medical Industry where I carried out both research and a design work.

Starting from 1992 my family and I have been living in Israel, Nesher. I continued to carry out scientific research and design work in chemistry.
Now I am doing an advanced training course of marketing and management in Internet and e-commerce conducted by the company JOIN2DAY.COM, Inc. At present I am working on my commercial project: www.sport-4health.com.



Zakhar was born in Moscow. He started working at the age of 18. He began to study at the Mechanical Institute of Chemical Industry after he did military service in the Army. He made his first invention in material engineering being a fourth – year student. In Moscow Zakhar carried out research work on the theory and technology of advanced corrosion resistant composite materials while working at the State Research & Development for Nitrogen Industry and Organic Synthesis Yield, the Center for Main Fund Anti-Corrosion Protection, Design Institute “Moszhilniiproect”, the All-Union Corrosion Research Institute.

Zakhar has being living in Israel, Nesher since 1992 .He continued his scientific research work, and his new elaborations comprised researches in the field of novel composite materials based on polybutadiene cross-linked matrix, coatings and adhesives. He published 8 scientific articles and patented one invention during the last few years. His scientific interest lies in the domain of elaboration of composite materials based on polymer.
His hobby is history, sports and tourism.

My son Michael was born in 1975. He finished high school in Moscow. In Israel he served in the Army. He began to study at Haifa University , mathematics and computer science department in 1999. He worked and studied at the same time. He received BA and is continuing his studies to get MA degree. Michael’s Professional interests lie in the filed of database, algorithms and graphs theory.
His hobby is history, chess (he plays chess on the University team) and tourism. 

My daughter Anna was born in 1978. She began to study at school in Moscow, but she finished her secondary education in Israel. After high school, Anna did military service in the Army. Then she began to study at  Haifa University, Economics Department, and she worked at the same time .
Anna graduated from the University in 2002.
She got diploma in economics.Her professional interests lie in sphere of management, analytical research and stock exchange. Her hobby is history, music, sport (she was a champion of Moscow in Judo), and tourism.

E-mail : info@allaturetskaya.com